Your Giving Options

You can give to your community by donating to a specific fund, or by establishing your own named endowment fund ($75,000 or more). You can give a gift in your will, or give during your lifetime and qualify for a tax rebate. To discuss giving, and how you can make a lasting impact on your community forever, please contact us.


These are funds managed by Nikau which have specific charitable purposes, as defined by the individual donors. E.g. The Elma Coxon Trust supporting youth, education and the arts.
We also have “area of interest funds” where you can contribute to a specific beneficiary area such as health, disability, arts, environment etc. There is also a Nikau Community Fund, a general fund where Nikau Foundation has a much wider discretion to support charitable purposes as new areas of need arise.
If you are interested in establishing an endowment fund for any charitable purpose, please get in touch. Nikau Foundation specialises in supporting this type of philanthropy and provide a highly professional and cost effective way of achieving defined charitable purposes in perpetuity.


There are three types of fund that you can donate to within the Nikau portfolio of endowment funds.
Named Endowment Fund
Some of named endowment funds we manage are able to receive additional donations from third parties.
District and Dedicated Funds
Nikau Community Fund

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The benefits of using a third-party organisation to assist with your giving are:

  • Advice and knowledge of community needs
  • Expertise in how to structure your philanthropy
  • Anonymity if required

This is a free, no-strings-attached service so please contact us now if you need advice in this area.

Establish a Fund

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Give to an Established Fund

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