Can we meet with the Nikau Foundation to discuss our project

Generally, we only meet with those organisations who have been successful in the first “expression of interest” phase but this is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Do we apply to a particular fund?

No, we match your application with the donor’s interests.

Can I apply to both Tindall fund and Nikau fund?

Yes, but you are unlikely to be successful in both.

Can we apply for salaries and operating costs?

Yes, although Nikau asks that you keep in mind sustainable funding for these costs, as grants are only given on a yearly basis.

Can we apply for petrol money for our field officer etc?


Do you fund projects as well as operating costs?

Yes, but projects with a start and finish date are preferred. See also the earlier answer about operating costs and sustainability.

Do you want the application by email or in hard copy?

Either, although a digital version is preferred.