Tindall Foundation


Nikau Foundation is the funding manager for The Tindall Foundation in the Wellington Region – Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti Coast. The generosity of The Tindall Foundation has meant we are able to support many organisations and people in the Wellington region. To view a full list of those who received grants in our latest funding round, go here.

Please note that Nikau Foundation does not distribute Tindall funding in the Wairarapa region: the Tararua/Wairarapa REAPs are in partnership as The Tindall Foundation Funding Manager in the Tararua/Wairarapa region. For more information visit Wairarapa REAP’s website.

Grants of up to $10,000 are allocated for the purpose of Supporting Families and Social Services under the following categories:

  • Community Services and Development
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Youth Development
  • Budgeting
  • Early Intervention
  • Maori, Migrant, Refugee and Cross Cultural Strategy Goals.

Where the project justifies a multi year grant for up to three years may be approved.

The following are specifically excluded from eligibility for Tindall Foundation grants:

  • Capital assets or equipment costing more than $1,500.
  • Drama, Art or Performing Arts
  • Health, Medical, Disabilities
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Core education, Scholarships, Education equipment, etc.
  • Individuals
  • Religious causes
  • Retrospective applications.

Application Process


If you think you meet the criteria for a Tindall Foundation grant as outlined above you will need to complete an the online expression of interest form. The expression of interest is open from the 1st of June and should be submitted by the 30th June each year.  Full applications will then be invited by those successfully through the first round with a deadline of 31st July. Final decisions should be made by November at the latest.

Your application will be evaluated for its fit with our criteria as well as being prioritised against other applications in the context of the quantum of funds available for distribution.

If your project will take a period longer than a year to complete we are able to consider a multi year grant – up to three years. If you wish to apply for such a grant you will need to make it clear on your application form why this is necessary. If a multi year grant is approved you will need to submit a new application for the second and third year giving details of progress to date. If all is going according to plan approval will be automatic providing our funding remains available.

Following the closing date for applications recommendations for grants will be provided to the Nikau Foundation Grants Committee (a sub committee of the Board of Trustees) for their consideration. Their recommendations will then be considered by the full board of Trustees for a final decision. Following the Trustees decision all applicants will be notified if their application has been successful or not. You will appreciate that it will take two to three months after the closing date for this process to be completed.

Successful applicants are expected to attend a grants function where they can meet Nikau Foundation staff and trustees.

We encourage successful applicants to keep in touch with us during their project to keep us advised of progress. We also encourage grantees to recognise our assistance in their internal publications etc. We love to receive photographs that we can post on our website and use in our newsletters and annual report.

When your project has been completed we need you to complete an evaluation form (download) and to send this to us.  Please contact us if you have any questions.