Make your giving go further, forever

Give Where You Live

Nikau Foundation is the Wellington region’s community foundation. We are not about one single cause, we’re about a place and its people. 

Our smarter giving model makes it possible for anyone’s generosity to have ongoing impact in the community they love. 

over $4,500,000 in grants made to local charities since 2001 – help us do more

Nikau Foundation offers a free, no-strings-attached donor advisory service.  If you are interested in making a difference but are uncertain about what charities to donate to, then please give us a call.

Our organisation has been working in the Wellington Region for 25 years with a huge range of charities benefiting almost every aspect of charitable causes.  We have in-depth knowledge about these organisations, the people that work in them, their operations, fundraising activities, beneficiaries and impact.

We are happy to help you with your decision-making and carry out any due diligence research you might need before you commit to a donation or bequest – whether it is through Nikau Foundation or direct.  Our aim is to encourage philanthropic giving to the region and we put your wishes first.  Call us now!