About us

Nikau Foundation is the Wellington region’s community foundation. Together, we are building a lasting legacy for the people and places we love.   

Our vision

By nurturing a culture of philanthropy for our region, we will help ensure that our communities are healthy, resilient and richly diverse. From conserving our natural heritage, cultivating creativity supporting youth and driving better health initiatives – we will be there for our region, now and in the future.

Our story

Established in 1991, our smarter giving model builds long-term, reliable funding streams for our local communities by investing and growing the donations we receive. It’s not really giving to us, but through us. And it means your generosity will have benefits forever.

We are part of a world-wide network. Across Aotearoa New Zealand, there are 17 Community Foundations made up of local people who are passionate about where they live. Strongly connected to our community, we are tuned into their needs and work to ensure local generosity goes to local causes. Our aim is for every New Zealander to be able to affect lasting change wherever their home or heart is.

Our philosophy

We are guided by our people

Donors can decide who and what their giving goes to.They can establish a fund individually, or get the children involved and give as a family, others choose to honour someone dear to them – it’s your gift, your say.

We are connected

We are tuned into our communities needs and work to ensure local generosity goes to local causes – ensuring the greatest impact.We work with our generous donors to connect them to the people, places and causes closest to their heart.

We invest for the future

We’re building permanent funding streams to achieve long term community transformation. Donations are invested so they can grow and provide long-term reliable sources of income. It’s the interest your giving earns that will be distributed to local causes; the gift itself remains protected so it can continue to benefit your chosen cause well into the future.

We are trusted

We are transparent in all our processes and ensure that our donors’ feel connected and informed with their investment, and the difference they are making in the community. We are cost-effective – taking care of all the administration, reporting and financial management.