Board Committees

Committees have been established to enable work to be progressed outside regular board meetings.


We have two Committees supporting the financial management of the Nikau Foundation, the Michael & Suzanne Borrin Foundation and any other entities where we are the sole corporate trustee. Our Audit & Risk Committee support financial management and compliance, risk management, internal controls, the external audit process and budgeting. Our Investment Committee oversee and advise the board on the appointment of investment advisors/managers, establishing and reviewing the Statement of Investment Policies & Objectives (SIPO) for the investment of funds, financial performance, compliance and management of the property portfolio.  They also develop and oversee our Distribution Policy – determining our annual grant distribution while ensuring that the real value of our funds is maintained over the medium to long term.


Robert Cross – Chair, Chris Milne, Adrian Orr, Suzanne Main (Ex Officio), Alice Montague (Ex Officio), Wendy Venter.


Robert Cross – Chair, Chris Milne, Peter Verhaart, Richard Caughley, Liz Koh, Kevin O’Connor (Co-Opted), Sam Cooper (Co-Opted), Alice Montague (Ex Officio), Suzanne Main (Ex Officio).


To ensure Nikau Foundation is relevant, impactful and responsive to our donors and communities, the board review our strategy annually with support from our staff and regional volunteers. Our Governance Committee take a lead role in delivering the strategy – managing all aspects of our operation, people and meeting annual milestones.

Chris Milne – Chair, Liz Koh – Deputy Chair, Richard Caughley, Susan Hornsby-Geluk, Alice Montague (Ex Officio)


Our Grants Committee provide us with community leadership, insight and connectedness. With their support, and in line with our donors wishes, we can ensure that our grantmaking is strategic and meets our community’s greatest needs. All our grants are approved by our board on an annual basis.

Rebecca Morahan – Chair, Grace Brennan (Co-Opted), Chris Milne, Adrienne Olsen, Tony Paine (Co-Opted), Rachel Roberts, Alice Montague (Ex Officio)


Our Marketing & Communications Committee provide us with vital support and expertise to build our brand profile, increase stakeholder engagement and deliver high-quality communications for our audiences.

Chris Milne, Adrienne Olsen, Rachel Roberts, Alice Montague (Ex Officio), Em Lewis (Ex Officio).