Our Policies


All grants made by Nikau Foundation must be recommended by a Grants sub-committee and approved by the full Board.

Grants will be made for the benefit of the citizens of the Greater Wellington Region and will be guided by the wishes of the donor of the respective funds where they have nominated their preferred charities.

Where discretion has been left with the Nikau Foundation Board consideration for grants will be given under the broad headings of Health, Education, Environment and Culture.

See: Nikau Foundation Grant-Making Policy – Revised June 2019


Nikau Foundation’s Endowment Funds are invested conservatively while being consistent with deriving a reasonable return to provide sufficient income to allow grants to be made. Investments are made across multiple investment classes and are managed through an investment management mandate with Hobson Wealth Partners.

See: Nikau Foundation Investment Policy (February 2020)

Also:  Nikau Foundation Responsible Investment Policy (February 2020)



Nikau Foundation is managed through a Board of Trustees who are prominent and respected Wellingtonians with a wide range of skills and experience.  The Trustees have been drawn from the business, legal and accounting professions as well as local authorities throughout our region.

It is essential to have a Board with integrity and ethics of the highest level and a rigorous process has been adopted to ensure that the quality of our Board members is maintained.

See: Trustee Deed of Trust (updated October 2019)