We’re very excited about our newest fund – the Wellington Resilience Fund.

Experiences of the Christchurch Earthquakes tell us that well organised community groups are ideally suited to respond to a crisis. In addition, supporting communities to prepare for future challenges makes for stronger communities today.

For that reason and with a focus on connectedness and preparedness, we’ve partnered with local community groups and the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) with the aim of making Wellington one of the most resilient cities in the world!

And your support is integral in making this happen.

Money raised for the Wellington Resilience Fund will help to bring you and your community together, and be prepared in order to respond and recover from emergencies.

To prepare Wellington for long term emergency resilience the Wellington Resilience Fund will provide grants to local community hubs of brand new water tanks and solar power banks.

We’ll also be bringing local communities together by providing funding for projects such as community gardens or predator-free activities.

You can go to our website and share with us what resilience projects you think we should be funding, www.nikaufoundation.org.nz/resilience

You can donate to this fund by clicking here https://www.nikaufoundation.org.nz/donations/donate-to-the-resilience-fund/