French filmmakers Chloe Ledoux and Nicolas Brikke have been travelling the world making films and offered their services free to make a promotional video for the Nikau Foundation.

The film which will be ready in June and will be on the Nikau website will also be available on You Tube and Facebook.

chloechris-962Nikau Foundation Board chair Chris Milne (pictured on the left at Nga Manu Nature Reserve with Chloe), Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown (who is on the Nikau Foundation Board), a Nikau donor (Peter Reimann) and recipients of grants including Billy Graham at the Naenae Boxing academy and Matt Dagger, chief executive of Kaibosh (a food rescue and distribution service), were all interviewed for the film.

The idea of the film is to show the great work that Nikau is doing in the region with the help from generous donors. Chloe and Nicolas have been travelling the world making films about what people do on a Sunday, you can see some of the clips here They have just finished filming their film A Sunday in Wellington and the first screening will be in Wellington on May 22. After this they will be returning to their home in Paris.

Nicolas is an award-winning filmmaker and has lived in New Zealand before graduated from Victoria’s University in Wellington with a Master in Science in geophysics and a graduate diploma in Art in Film. Chloe studied geography at La Sorbonne University in Paris and then worked as an urban planner in the field of sustainable development for 6 years in different cities in France. Of course, the Nikau Foundation is immensely grateful for the generosity of Nicolas and Chloe and enjoyed working with them immensely on the video.