Nikau Endowment Funds have specific charitable purposes, as defined by the individual donors.   Once established, the capital in each fund is preserved or grown gradually, and income is distributed in accordance with the wishes of the original donor.  The charitable purpose established continues in perpetuity.

In addition to the endowment funds below, Nikau also has a General Fund where the income is distributed to any charitable purpose, with the recipients determined by consideration of the broad unmet needs in the community.  Donations to this fund a very welcome and, as with specific endowment funds, the fund exists in perpetuity.

Applications are open once a year, usually closing at the end of June.  Please see Grants for more information about applying for funding.

The following are the current named endowment funds managed by Nikau Foundation in alphabetical order.

The Alistair Robb Numismatics Fund

Established in February 2014 the donor’s objectives were to generally assist and promote the study of all aspects of numismatics, especially coins, bank notes, medals and tokens to all interested individuals in New Zealand.

Blake Endowment Fund

This fund favours the health and well-being of disadvantaged youth, with an emphasis on young women (15-25), Māori, Pacific Island, migrants and LGBTQI* communities.

Barbara Milne Endowment Fund

Established by Barbara Milne in 2003, this fund was transferred to Nikau in February 2013.  Income is to be applied at the trustees’ discretion, with the following preferred objectives to be preferred: Conservation and Environment projects of a general nature, favouring the Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of NZ and Nga Manu Nature Reserve and projects benefiting the arts, particularly music.  The following art related charities are favoured: NZ Symphony Orchestra, NZ Opera, Wellington Operatic Society, Orchestra Wellington, Chamber Music NZ.

The Bice Tennyson Endowment Fund

Established by the donor in February 2014 this fund has the objectives of protecting the habitat of New Zealand’s endemic species and assisting handicapped people.

Caroline Boyd Memorial Fund

Established in 2017, this fund favors the advancement of youth, women’s, and community issues.

Carterton District Endowment Fund

Established in 2017, set up to support charitable purposes in Carterton. This fund looks to benefit health and well being, community development, general charitable purposes, and promoting generosity amongst individuals and organisations within the Carterton District

The Dianne Litchfield Endowment Fund

Established in 2017, to preserve and enhance open spaces and reserves in the Kāpiti Region. Provision of palliative care services for the long term benefit of people living in the Kāpiti Region. To benefit the Catholic Parish of Our Lady Kāpiti.

Elma Coxon Trust

Established in August 2007 to honour the settlor’s sister.  Whilst the fund has been established for general charitable purposes, beneficiaries have been linked with the donor’s interest in youth, education and the arts.

The Francis & Dianne Small Endowment Fund

Established in August 2014, this fund was established by the donors for the relief of poverty and the advancement of health and education and any other matter beneficial to the community of the Wellington region, with an emphasis on the Wellington City Mission and the Salvation Army.

The Friends of Old St Paul’s Endowment Fund 2015

Established in June 2015, this fund is for the benefit of the historic Old St Paul’s Church in Wellington. Donations to this fund are encouraged.

The James C Draper Endowment Fund

Established in 2017, this fund favors Gillies McIndoe Research Institute, Women’s Refuge, FarmWatch and SAFE, and Wellington Free Ambulance.

The Jessie, Elma, Adam Coxon Endowment Fund

Established in June 2014, this fund was set up by Adam Coxon for the relief of poverty, the advancement of education or religion or any other matter beneficial to the community.

The Judith Clark Memorial Fund

Established in August 2014, this fund was established in memory of Judith Clark in support of the education of both young musicians and music teachers.

The Kāpiti Community Enterprises Fund

Came to Nikau in February 2014 by transfer from a private charitable trust.  The purpose of the fund is to assist and promote the interests of individuals permanently residing in the Kāpiti area who have mental health and developmental difficulties, with a focus on assisting the beneficiaries into employment and educating the public about the positive contribution that these people can make to their workplace and the community.

Kevin and Julia O'Connor Endowment Fund

Came to Nikau in March 2010 by transfer from an already-existing private charitable trust.  The income is to be distributed at the Trustees’ discretion.  The following organisations to be considered: The Roman Catholic Church for promotion and assistance with their charitable objectives and social works, Wellington Free Ambulance, Royal Wellington Golf Club Inc.

Laurie Bushell Endowment Fund

Established in July 2007 in memory of the donor’s husband.  Income is to be applied to the arts in general, particularly music and fine arts, including an award for portraiture and drawing.

The Max Koh Fund for Meow Meows

Established in 2017 this fund gives priority to animal welfare, and women’s welfare.

Mental Health Fund

Established in 2017, to strengthen and support mental health services. Contributions of any size are welcome.

Mike & Margaret Olsen Endowment Fund

Established by the donors in February 2015, this fund supports youth leadership and youth management training.

The National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges Endowment Fund

Established in 2014 to benefit women’s refuges. Donations to this fund are encouraged.

Ngā Manu Endowment Fund

Leave a lasting legacy for the conservation and preservation of our native species. If you would like to help ensure that Ngā Manu Nature Reserve thrives and continues to provide future generations.  Read more.

Nikau Community Fund

Nikau Foundation is aware of many unmet needs in the community and this fund provides the flexibility for Nikau to contribute to what it perceives to be the greatest needs.   Donations of any size are accepted.  As with all our funds, any donation adds to the capital of the fund and will generate income in perpetuity.

Nikau Kāpiti Endowment Fund

June 2013 saw the establishment of Nikau’s first ‘district fund’.  For Kāpiti residents the Kāpiti Fund gives them a vehicle to express their appreciation of the community where they have lived, worked, played and perhaps brought up a family.  Nikau district funds are for those people who would like to support a local community more narrowly defined than the ‘Wellington region’.  Donations of any size are accepted into the fund, which has a general charitable purpose supporting charitable purposes within the Kāpiti area.  Read more.

Nikau Wairarapa Endowment Fund

Officially launched in 2016, the new Wairarapa District Fund is actively seeking founder donors to bring the fund above the $75,000 threshold in order to make annual grants available to the Wairarapa community. Read more.

Nikau Hutt Valley Fund

The Nikau Hutt Valley Fund has been established to provide a philanthropic vehicle for those who are passionate about the Hutt area and want to give to local charities in perpetuity.
It is based on the already successful Nikau Kāpiti Fund and Wairarapa Funds.  Read more.

Pegasus Endowment Fund

Established March 2011 for general charitable purposes. The following areas are favoured by the donor: Arts & culture, environment and conservation, education and youth and animal welfare.

Robson Family Fund

Established by Marjorie Robson in April 2015, this fund supports general charitable purposes, with an emphasis on young people, medicine, sport and the arts.

Tomiki Fund

Established in 2017, set up to benefit all aikido clubs in New Zealand for general purposes in all aspects of establishing or improving new or existing Dojos.

Warren Douglas Scholarship Fund

Came to Nikau Foundation from a private charitable trust in 2016. For individuals interested in arts management, with particular emphasis on people making the transition from performance to arts administration.

Wellington Youth Cricket Development Fund

This fund has been established to support the development of youth cricket in the Wellington region. Donations to this fund are encouraged.

The Willows Endowment Fund

Established in 2017, this fund gives priority to children with Crohn’s, animal welfare, and environment.

Willscott Endowment Fund

Came to Nikau in March 2008 by transfer from an already-existing private charitable trust.The income is to be applied for general charitable purposes, with the following charities favoured, in accordance with the historical support they have received from the Willscott Trust: NZ School of Dance, the Samaritans of Wellington, and the Aubert Childcare Centre.

The Zac Pearson Endowment Fund

Established in September 2015, this fund was set up by Zac Pearson through his will. The fund benefits Makara Peak mountain biking and track maintenance, Karori Scout groups, Western Suburbs RFC, The Life Flight Trust, The Wellington Free Ambulance and general Karori initiatives benefiting youth.