Nikau Kāpiti Fund

The Nikau Kāpiti Fund was launched by Mayor Jenny Rowan in June 2013.

For Kāpiti residents this endowment fund provides the vehicle to appreciate the community where they have lived, worked, played and brought up a family.

Income from this fund will be distributed to Kāpiti charities from Paekakariki to Otaki once the fund has reached $75,000.

As of 2018, the fund stood at $75,259. Our aim in time is to grow the Fund to $5 million to benefit the Kāpiti community. Kāpiti resident and Nikau Trustee Liz Koh said “It will be great when our district can be self-sustainable for our charitable needs”.

Donors can make a gift now, or leave a gift to the Nikau Kāpiti Fund in their will.

Contact us for more information on (04) 381 2224

Tony and Becky Cooke

Latest Kāpiti Fund News

Two new philanthropic vehicles created to benefit the Kāpiti community 

Nikau Foundation was pleased to announce two new Kāpiti focused funds at its recent annual grants event. There was the usual excitement around donations being made to a range of community groups including Kenakena school dyslexia programme, the Shed Project and Birthright Kāpiti from several endowments under the Nikau umbrella. However it was the speech from Tony Cooke, husband of Caroline Boyd that touched the audience of local philanthropists the most. Read more…



Special thanks to our Nikau Kāpiti Fund founder donors

  • Coastlands Shoppingtown Ltd
  • Kāpiti Coast Funeral Home
  • Rotary Club of Kapiti
  • Amnico Trust
  • Adrienne Bushell
  • Don and Janine Hunn
  • Tony Kebbell

Special thanks to our Nikau Kapiti Fund founder donors


  • Liz Koh
  • Ian and Lyn Lindsay
  • Andrew and Merryn Malcolm
  • Mike and Margaret Olsen
  • Bruce and Lyn Robertson
  • Jenny Rowan
  • Margaret Trotter
  • Margaret and Roger Tucker




Wouldn’t it be great if our district could be self-sustainable in terms of our charitable needs?

Liz Koh, Kāpiti resident & Nikau Foundation Deputy Chair