Castlepoint Lighthouse in the Wairarapa

Nikau Wairarapa Fund

The Nikau Wairarapa Fund was established to provide a philanthropic vehicle for those who are passionate about the Wairarapa area and want to give to local charities in perpetuity.

It is based on the already successful Nikau Kāpiti Fund and has its own committee made up of local residents who can advise the Foundation on local issues and needs.

Contact us for more information on (04) 381 2224 or email Alice at

Latest Wairarapa Fund News

Grants Event and Nurses Education Trust Handover

Nikau Foundation has joined forces with Wairarapa nurses to secure a sustainable funding stream for their professional development. The Wairarapa Nurses Educational Trust was established by a group of nurses in 2008 to support training opportunities. Looking for a way to grow the fund, Wairarapa NET are handing over the reins to the Nikau Foundation. Nikau will manage the existing funds and ensure the original purpose is honored. The Wairarapa NET and Nikau Foundation expect to grow its capital from $35,000 to $50,000. This will be done so quickly thanks to people in the community who want to “give where they live.”

Former Trustee Helen Pocknall explained “The handover will relieve us of all administration and compliance activities and will almost double the returns to the community.”

Nikau Foundation launched the Wairarapa District Endowment Fund in 2016 and is seeking founder donors to bring this fund up to the $75,000 threshold in order to make annual grants to the Wairarapa Community in perpetuity.


Committee Members

Committee members include:

  • Lucy McLaren (Chair)
  • Bevan Morland
  • Barbara Durbin
  • Peter McNeur
  • Darrin Goulding
  • Sally Adams
  • Bob Francis (Ambassador)