Nikau Foundation is an advisory trustee of a number of trusts which are managed by Perpetual Guardian.  Nikau Foundation provides recommendations on grant applications in accordance with the individual terms of each sub trust through our normal grants process opening in June every year.

Perpetual Guardian advise Nikau Foundation in August or September each year of the amount of income available for distribution and applications are considered depending upon the amount earned for the year.

Below are the various trusts and their purposes, listed in alphabetical order.

Eileen Ryan Cats Trust

Purpose: for the benefit of the Cats Protection League Wellington Incorporated. This trust was established in 1997 by the will of Eileen Ryan, philanthropist and animal lover.

Henderson Conservation Trust

Purpose: Grace Mary Henderson wished to ensure that reserves and open spaces in Wellington were conserved, maintained and beautified for the benefit of all. A Hataitai resident, she also believed there should be playgrounds and open spaces there for the recreation of residents young and old.

Henry and Eileen Wise Medical Trust

Purpose: The advancement of health.  The following organisations to be favoured:

  • Wellington Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind (Wellington)
  • Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation
  • Cancer Society of NZ (Wellington)
Joyce Barnes Travel Trust

Now spent down, this fund gave out its last grant to assist kindergarten teachers to travel overseas for the purposes of further study or to attend conferences dealing with early childhood education.  Unavailable in 2018.

Ormond Wilson Scholarship Trust

Purpose: To provide scholarships for Victoria University of Wellington Arts and Science degrees.

Richard and Doreen Evans Charitable Trust

Purpose: The relief of poverty, the advancement of education or religion or any other matter beneficial to the community in the Wellington region.   Priority will be given to:

  • The Cancer Society of NZ
  • NZ CCS
  • Wellington City Mission
  • Mary Potter Hospice
  • Charities of a conservation nature.
Robert and Kathleen Lyon Charitable Trust

Purpose: for the benefit of Mary Potter Hospice. Robert Lyon came from a North Island farming and legal family. Kathleen came from the South Island families – she chose nursing as her career and carried on with that after her husband’s death in 1957.  She survived her husband by over 30 years and passed away in 1992 aged 76 at Mary Potter Hospice.