Thanks for your interest in becoming a donor – it is the start of a very satisfying journey and we are here to help. Depending on the amount of your contribution, you have various options outlined below.

For larger amounts (greater than $10,000)

You can direct where the income earned from your donation will be distributed to and it would be best to meet with you to discuss the most effective way to structure your gift. You can also instruct your solicitor to contact us to make arrangements – see more under the Professional Advisors section.

For smaller amounts ($10 to $10,000)

The fastest way to donate is online at our Donate Now page.  You will be able to donate into any one of our many endowment funds. 

You can also send us a cheque or pay directly into our bank account as a one off donation or set up a regular payment. Payroll giving is an option for giving regularly through your employer so check with your HR team. Then please send us an email with your details so we can send you a receipt for your taxation rebate claim.

  • Westpac Bank – Lambton Quay – 03 0502 0163248 00

We have a number of standard structures in place for managing your donation but remain flexible to ensure your needs are met.

Named Endowment funds – generally for contributions greater than $75,000

Area of interest funds– for amounts $10,000 to $75,000

General fund – for amounts from $10 to $10,000

Nikau Club – regular contributions of $3,000 per annum to support the administration and development of Nikau Foundation

Existing or Proposed Charitable Trusts:

Private Charitable Trusts can be set up without consideration of the administrative burden that can be passed on to future generations who may not have the enthusiasm of the settlors. Nikau Foundation is ideally placed to manage these administrative tasks for you and to continue the trust with the intent of the original donors.

Current Taxation Law allows for a rebate to be made for donations to charitable organisations.

This rebate is 33% of the amount donated up to a limit of your taxable income.

You can claim the rebate:

Immediately – through payroll giving (arrange with your employer)

At the end of each taxation year by submitting a return to Inland Revenue.

Nikau Foundation will issue a taxation receipt for your donation.

If you make a payment directly into our bank account you should send an email to with your name, address and IRD number to enable us to identify your payment.

If you make regular payments one email is sufficient and we will issue a receipt at the end of the taxation year.


If you ask your employer to pay $20 per payday to Nikau Foundation through payroll giving you will receive an immediate rebate from Inland Revenue of $6.67 – your take home pay will reduce by $13.33 and we will receive $20.00.

If you pay $50 per month to our bank account we will issue you a receipt at the end of the taxation year for $600 and you will receive a rebate from Inland Revenue for $198 when you file your rebate claim.

If you leave Nikau Foundation $100,000 in your will there is no taxation rebate.

If you gift $100,000 to Nikau Foundation during your lifetime you can claim a rebate of 33% ($33,333) at the end of the taxation year (assuming you have sufficient taxable income).