Can we meet with the Nikau Foundation to discuss our project?


Generally we prefer to connect with potential grantees through our monthly Funding Clinics. Over a two hour session we get to meet with you and and hear about your current funding challenges.  You will learn about our funding criteria as well as getting a free training session on how to develop sustainable income streams, how to recruit fundraisers and the ethics of professional funding. Update August 2019: Thanks for your interest, our next round of Funding Clinics will be held in early 2020. 


Do we apply to a particular fund?

No, we match your application with the donor’s interests so please just fill out the application form on the website by applying to Nikau Foundation in general.  If you know of a particular fund that might match your application then mention it in your project description.


Can I apply to both Tindall fund and Nikau fund?

Yes, but you are unlikely to be successful in both because we have such limited funds.


Can we apply for salaries and operating costs?

Yes, you can apply for anything that will take your organisation to the “next level” and will demonstrate positive impact for Wellington.  By making this unrestricted, Nikau strives to have an authentic relationship with its applicants and grantees.


How should we account for the grant?
Please fill out the evaluation form available on our website and return it to Nikau Foundation with proof that the money was spent on the purpose requested within 6 months. This doesn’t need to be a lengthy document and do contact us if you need an extension.
GST Treatment of Grants

A Nikau Foundation grant is regarded as an ‘unconditional gift’ for tax purposes. No contract exists between the Nikau Foundation and the grantee for exchange of goods or services. Grantees should not issue invoices to Nikau Foundation for grants awarded.

When requesting grant amounts during your grant application, please select the appropriate option:

  • If you are GST-registered, claim for costs EXCLUSIVE of GST. This is because you will be claiming back the GST portion yourself from the IRD
  • If you are not GST-registered, claim for costs INCLUSIVE of GST. This is because you will not be able to claim back the GST from the IRD

Please state in your grant application whether you/your organisation is GST-registered or not and make clear which of the above options has been applied.