Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation

Thank you for your interest in the Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation. It has been established through an extremely generous $38m bequest by Ian Borrin to support legal research and scholarship, and legal writing and legal education for New Zealanders.

After the announcement of this new fund in April 2016, it will be some time before grants are made. The first year involved the transfer of assets from Judge Ian Borrin’s estate to the Nikau Foundation. As the trustee for the Borrin Foundation, we have also been busy establishing the financial foundation for this new organisation. Setting up a new grant-maker is a complex process and there is much to do before grants can be made.

The Grants and Scholarships Committee had its inaugural meeting in May 2017. As designated by the Trust Deed, the Grants and Scholarships Committee is an independent group, responsible for the Borrin Foundation’s grant-making. The Trust Deed also stipulates the composition of the Grants and Scholarships Committee. The Grants and Scholarships Committee includes:
• the Chief Justice or her nominee
• the President of the New Zealand Law Society
• the Dean of the University of Victoria Law School
• David Goddard QC (Judge Ian Borrin’s first cousin once-removed), and
• a representative from Nikau Foundation’s Board

The Grants and Scholarships Committee have produced a vision and a mission for the Borrin Foundation, and are also in the process of considering guiding principles for granting decisions.

The Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation’s vision is:

We believe law is essential to a flourishing society – one that is just, inclusive, tolerant and free. Our vision is of an Aotearoa New Zealand where everyone understands the role and value of the law, and everyone enjoys the protection and opportunity that it provides.

The Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation’s mission is:

We support legal research, education and scholarship that contributes to our vision for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Michelle Wanwimolruk has been appointed the Philanthropic Advisor for the Borrin Foundation to assist with the establishment of the Foundation. If you would like to discuss your interest and ideas for the Borrin Foundation, or to ask for more information, please contact her on grants@borrinfoundation.nz