Nikau Foundation acts as a Local Donation Manager for The Tindall Foundation, a philanthropic family foundation working throughout Aotearoa to support families, community and the environment. We are what’s called a Regional Donation Manager meaning that we distribute donations on behalf of TTF in Greater Wellington (excluding Wairarapa) to projects and initiatives that support TTF’s Family/Whānau Focus Area. Donations can be from $500 to $15,000.

More information can be found on The Tindall Foundation website.

To apply for a Tindall Foundation Family/Whānau Focus Area donation please complete the standard Nikau Foundation Grant Application Form.  You can mention in the brief description of your project field that you may be eligible for consideration for a TTF donation.

Funding round dates:  Nikau Foundation has one annual grants round during which we include applications for TTF donations.  

Watch the short film above that explains the way Local Donation Managers fund on its behalf.  You can also view this video on The Tindall Foundation website or at this link.