Nikau Foundation is committed to growing a culture of philanthropy to ensure our communities have the resources they need to thrive. Last year we gave over $1.2 million to the people and places we care about most. 

How we work 

We are donor-led, which means that we work with generous individuals and families to help them meet their philanthropic goals. From conservation to creativity, health to youth – we’re building permanent funding streams to achieve long term community transformation. That means that much of our grant-making is driven by our donors wishes. 

Our grant rounds take place annually. You can apply for a grant through our website, applications are simple and accessible – all you need to provide is some information about your organisation, the project you are undertaking and the people and places it will benefit. Once the grant round is closed, all the applications are reviewed by the team against our donor funds. All our Grants are approved by our Grants Committee and Board. 

Our grant-making 

Nikau Foundation isn’t about one single cause; we’re about a place and its people. We have deep roots within our community. Leveraging our networks and teams of local volunteers, we are able to grow our reach and connect into the great, impactful work that is going on. 

How to apply 

Our last grants round finished in December 2019.  We are currently reviewing the grants round and are working to ensure that our processes are as effective and efficient as possible.  We will be announcing our 2020/21 grants round in May 2020. 

If you would like to speak to one of the team about your organisation, applying for a grant, or learn more about our donor funds please get in touch with us.