Peers Choice Award recipient Samuel Anaru

The five young men who graduated from Youthquest’s latest Development Programme were celebrated in a ceremony on 13th April at the Paraparaumu Baptist Church. The occasion marks the 28th course for Youthquest since it was founded in 2006.

Youthquest is a leadership and mentoring organisation specialising in at-risk young men. Often they are referred to the course through the police as many institutions have already given up on them. Youthquest mentors believe there is nobody who can’t be reached, there is nobody who won’t respond positively to a supportive environment and there is no reason for these young men to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

The programme covers positive self image, healthy peer relationships, strong relationships with whanau, good decision making and leadership development through a hands-on ‘bush camp’ training and classroom sessions. After the course the boys are actively mentored for 12 months, reducing the risk of re-offending or slipping back into old behaviours.

Youthquest received $5,000 from the Tindall Foundation in 2016 to continue their work improving the lives of young men, their whānau and their communities.