Ian Borrin Memorial Service SheetIn announcing the establishment of Ian’s fund to his memorial service, Kevin O’Connor, Immediate Past Chair of Nikau Foundation, said “it is a privilege to announce to you today that on 21 July 2015 Ian and Jenny established the Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation, so named in honour and remembrance of Ian’s parents.” Read Kevin O’Connor’s full address.

April 11, 2016. A man who has dedicated his life to the law, Retired Judge, Ian Borrin, has established a $30m endowment fund, managed by Nikau Foundation, devoted to the development of legal education and research for the betterment of New Zealand’s legal system. The Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation will promote legal scholarship in all areas of the law and the development of legal research, scholarship, writing and education. Read the full press release.

The Chief Justice, Sian Elias, said that Ian Borrin’s generosity was a gift not only to the legal community but to the whole of New Zealand. “He knew that the rule of law underpins any community and he believed very strongly in its importance for New Zealand“. Read the full statement by Chief Justice Sian Elias.