Payroll giving is a voluntary scheme that allows employees to make charitable donations straight from their pay to causes they care about that have approved donee status. Most major charities fall into this category, including Nikau Foundation.

This is a painless way to donate to charity because once set up with your employer, it comes out of your salary automatically and you recieve immediate tax credits instead of having to process donation receipts at the end of the tax year. The only catch is that your employer has to be filing their PAYE with Inland Revenue electronically but most businesses are doing this these days.

Nikau Foundation is trying to grow the number of donors giving regularly by payroll giving – particularly into our Kāpiti and Wairarapa district funds. It is a great solution for small businesses who are constantly asked by communities for support and want to give to something that supports every charity in the region. Ask your Finance Manager about payroll giving today!