Guidance for Professional Advisors


  • The Nikau Foundation gives an option to your clients for their charitable giving
  • There is no conflict of interest for you as you are not recommending a particular charity but a way of giving.
  • Best practice includes assisting clients to fulfill their charitable aims and aspirations in a cost effective manner.
  • We make it easy for you to establish a fund with the Nikau Foundation on behalf of a client. We have standard application forms to establish a fund and appropriate will provisions for your assistance.
  • Clients who establish a fund with the Nikau Foundation can choose where the gift goes. There is a wide range of charitable purposes for your clients to choose from.
  • Where an intending donor has a particular interest in a certain area, they can use the expertise of Nikau Foundation to provide them with advice on that area and its changing needs.
  • Your client can leave a gift in their will or they can maximise their tax rebates by giving during their lifetime, thereby seeing the benefits of their generosity.
  • Your client can be close to the management and donation of the funds or they can leave it totally to us – it’s their choice.