Wairarapa Women's CentreThanks to a grant from the Roy and Jan Mace Trust, the Wairarapa Women’s Centre has been able to set up a new programme for women who feel vulnerable or are struggling with low self-esteem.

“With this grant, we are now helping women to see their potential by raising their self-esteem and giving them a sense of community” says Yvonne Davvy,
Manager at the Women’s Centre. Yvonne noted that self-esteem is an important component in the mental health of participants, and the Women’s Centre is looking to deliver more self-esteem related courses with ‘fun’ hands-on elements for participants.

The Wairarapa Women’s Centre received $1,000 from the Roy and Jan Mace Trust to continue their work supporting and improving the lives of women in Wairarapa, their whānau and their communities.