If you’ve been thinking about your will, now is the perfect time to update, amend or think about leaving a gift in your will for the benefit of something you care about.

Over half of New Zealanders currently do not have a will, which can create problems for loved ones in the event of their passing. It is also vital to review your will regularly, especially after any significant events or life changes like welcoming a new baby, ending or starting a relationship and purchasing or selling a home.

Nikau Foundation has many area of special interest funds including Mental Health, Environment, Animal Welfare, Youth and for the Elderly. These funds are the perfect option for those wanting to leave a gift that will benefit a cause close to their heart, but are but don’t know which one or if particular charities will still be in existence by the time they pass away.

Direct donations to charities are often spent immediately – the funds are used up and possibly forgotten. A donation made to the Nikau Foundation goes on giving forever because the capital is retained but the investment income is distributed.