As a Wellington-based national arts organisation, a significant part of Footnote New Zealand Dance’s programme each year is to create and perform high-quality contemporary dance works by and for the New Zealand community. In the past, Footnote have had to hire sound equipment for the staging of their shows, making up a significant expense in their budget. With the help of Nikau Foundation, Footnote has been able to purchase their own PA system to use during the numerous shows that the dancers perform each year in Wellington and further afield.

“All of us at Footnote are incredibly grateful for this support from the Nikau Foundation. Having our own technical equipment helps us to lower the cost of our community performances and allows us to make good on our goal of increasing accessibility to high-quality contemporary dance.” Footnote General Manager Richard Aindow

Additionally, Footnote plan to hire out this equipment to the wider Wellington community at reduced rates. This is a great example of Nikau Foundation’s grants policy supporting charities who are developing social enterprise activities to improve their sustainability.

Footnote received a $5,760.87 grant made available through the Elma Coxon Endowment Fund.