Speech NZ Scholarship Awarded to Amy Masari of Lower Hutt

Amy Masari (17) is in Year 13 at St Oran’s College in Lower Hutt. She has been awarded the Nikau Foundation’s 2016 scholarship to help fund her Speech NZ examination fees for the Associate Diploma in Speech and Drama Performance.

Amy says: “Last year, when my father passed away, I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford the examinations. The thought made me so sad as it was everything I had worked towards for the past seven years. The Nikau Foundation assisting me monetarily has lifted a huge weight off my mother’s and my own shoulders. I cannot express how thankful I am to the Nikau Foundation for enabling me to make my dreams a reality.

“I’ve always adored every single aspect of Speech and Drama. I am grateful that studying Speech and Drama has furthered my passion to communicate and interact with people on all levels.”

The Speech NZ Scholarship has been made from the Laurie Bushell Fund, founded in memory of the donor’s late husband who was passionate about the arts and music.