Nikau Club

At the very heart of the Foundation is our Nikau Club. Without them, we simply couldn’t do what we do. 

Nikau Club members’ support the day-to-day running costs, enabling us to focus on making your giving go further.

Our vision is to nurture a culture of philanthropy ensuring that our communities are healthy, resilient and richly diverse. Our model builds permanent funding streams to achieve long-term community transformation. Since 2013, with the help of Nikau Club covering some of our essential costs, we have been ensuring that more local generosity is going to local causes.

Our aim is to grow the Nikau Club, bringing together like-minded people who are passionate about making a difference for our region. To join, we ask for an annual donation of $3,000. You will see first-hand the impact you are having through an annual programme of bespoke events, tailored communications and acknowledgement of your generosity in out impact report.

“The Nikau Club is really practical way I can support the running of Nikau Foundation, meaning the team can focus on talking to people who may want to set up a fund and look for fantastic and meaningful organisations to support.”Annabel McCallum, Nikau Club.

Nikau Club members 2020

  • Paul & Sheryl Baines
  • John & Jay Benton
  • Gary & Judy Black
  • Rodney & Vivien Callender
  • Ian Cassels & Caitlin Taylor
  • Richard Caughley
  • Mark Dunajtschik
  • Robert Fisher
  • Maree Fitzgerald
  • Jenny George
  • Holdsworth Charitable Trust
  • Bryan Johnson
  • Craig Thompson & Gail Jansen
  • Lloyd Morrison Foundation
  • Chris & Kathryn Mackay
  • Annabel McCallum
  • Phil McCaw
  • LT McGuinness Ltd
  • Brian & Cheryl McGuinness
  • Mark McGuinness (Willis Bond & Co)
  • Chris & Jan Milne
  • Kevin & Julia O’Connor
  • Frank Pearson
  • Rachel Roberts
  • Margaret & Peter Shirtcliffe Foundation
  • Francis & Dianne Small
  • Faith Taylor
  • Joanna Todd
  • Dick Werry