To kick-off our newest fund, the Wellington Resilience Fund, we’re using the Wellington based crowdfunding website PledgeMe. Crowdfunding is a fun way of raising money. As their website says

Think up a goal you want to achieve. Turn to your crowd of friends, family, customers and fans.
Ask them to pledge to your campaign. If all that support equals more than your goal, you’ve made it!

“PledgeMe allows us to build a community of people who are contributing to the Wellington Resilience Fund. It will include existing supporters and new”, says Nikau Foundation General Manager Louise Parkin. “Part of the fun is people pledging for rewards. We’re offering the Wellington Resilience Bar and a whole lot of other cool things like predator traps, artwork and emergency kits.”

A portion of each reward will go into the Wellington Resilience Fund. Supporters can choose ‘no reward’ which is a simple contribution to the fund.

The campaign will run until 10pm, Sunday 8 July. If it reaches its target of $20,000 then everyone gets their rewards. And at least one grant will be made to a community resilience project or group.  The more money in the fund, the more money there will be to make grants. After the initial target, the team at Nikau Foundation want the fund to grow to $100,000 and beyond.

“There really is no limit to what we could raise”, says Louise.

Visit the PledgeMe page here